Mar 22 2013

if: swim

*narrows eyes*
“You heard me – I said, ‘swim!'”
a gunslinging cephalopod

Mar 7 2013

Little lion man

I can’t help but feel that a little ‘inspirational’ quote and this little lion-man might have some limited level of viral appeal. Perhaps I’ll return to this post…

Dec 19 2012

if: snow

King Penguin:
king penguin illustration
A-thankyou very much and a merry Christmas to all of you lovely readers.

Dec 14 2012


Fun fact: I almost drowned while drawing this.

Anti-climactic explanation: I was in a briefing and decided to finish all of the water in my bottle in one huge, super-efficient gulp. Unfortunately, my cheeks bulging with sloshing water, I coughed, accidentally inhaling half of it. My mouth was full of water, my lungs were full of water, my throat burning as I desperately tried to breath, only to cough uncontrollably and take on yet more fluid.

My vision narrowed and my legs kicked spasmodically – is this how it ends for me, dragged to Davy Jones’s Locker in a meeting, because I was too embarrassed to spit water over my clothes and colleagues? With the last remainder of my waning strength, I forced myself to swallow the drink that remained in my mouth, then threw myself, gasping, back into my chair – safe at last. I looked up, to see everybody staring in concern.

Nov 16 2012

if: tree

Messing around with the old inks lately. Hmm.

Sep 25 2012

if: crooked

Deplorable speciesist stereotyping.

Mar 11 2012

if: yield

illustration of one knight yielding to another

Aug 16 2010

Nine Cats