More JibJab Sendables

JibJab got back to us with a bunch of new commissions. They were after stuff for a variety of occasions, which was nice, as it gave us the opportunity to mix things up a little.

Mondays Suck

A personal favourite. Also marks the beginning of Rob’s short calypso phase.

Thank you (all the time)

Trying something a bit different; the cat is made from Blu-Tack. It’s lovely to work with, although you may notice the cat getting slightly squatter as the sequence continues and it all settles.

Love you More Than

Huge Post-It-based flickbook. Original (rejected) ending “I love you more than Amy Winehouse loves drugs.”

Thank God It’s Friday

Emo Diary. BTW: Diaries are ludicrously expensive.

My Master Fancies You

Love the little robot.

Hurty Blister

Main character is based on a bloke I used to work with. Although he was fatter (and not made of paper).

You Rock

Never, ever work with cheese. It’s very sweaty, greasy and unpleasant.

Old People’s Cancer

Age-bashing birthday greeting with a more-than-usually morbid turn.


Extremely cursory generic greeting. It’s meant to be rubbish – that’s the gag.

Halloween Meats


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