JibJab Sendables 3

Another bunch for JibJab – Inspired by the Thank-you Cat, we went full-on claymation.

Stupid clients

“Oh hai there, clients. We made this, but it’s not about you!” Phone-smashing main character is heavily based on an angry Rob.


Nasty festive fantasy. The lovely winter wonderland background is made of tissue paper and twigs. You should hear the demo for this: it’s catchy but Rob sounds mental.

Rotten Christmas

Churlish Christmas sentiment – we got out the ornaments early for the background though. That was fun!

This Little Thing Likes You

Very tiny things, animated very simply.

Happy Birthday Groovy Chick

Fancy-schmancy disco floor made of Post-Its (what else?)


More JibJab Sendables

JibJab got back to us with a bunch of new commissions. They were after stuff for a variety of occasions, which was nice, as it gave us the opportunity to mix things up a little.

Mondays Suck

A personal favourite. Also marks the beginning of Rob’s short calypso phase.

Thank you (all the time)

Trying something a bit different; the cat is made from Blu-Tack. It’s lovely to work with, although you may notice the cat getting slightly squatter as the sequence continues and it all settles.

Love you More Than

Huge Post-It-based flickbook. Original (rejected) ending “I love you more than Amy Winehouse loves drugs.”

Thank God It’s Friday

Emo Diary. BTW: Diaries are ludicrously expensive.

My Master Fancies You

Love the little robot.

Hurty Blister

Main character is based on a bloke I used to work with. Although he was fatter (and not made of paper).

You Rock

Never, ever work with cheese. It’s very sweaty, greasy and unpleasant.

Old People’s Cancer

Age-bashing birthday greeting with a more-than-usually morbid turn.


Extremely cursory generic greeting. It’s meant to be rubbish – that’s the gag.

Halloween Meats



JibJab Sendables

with Rob Manuel
Three songs/animations on the theme of birthdays. Hoedown is my favourite, possibly because I love the sound of my own voice. Rob prefers Forklift.