Secret Policeman’s Ball

An Indiana Jones-inspired short, promoting Amnesty International’s Secret Policeman’s Ball.

It was quite an ambitious project, with characters based on some of the comedy greats who’ve been on the show in the past – along with the ones from this year. Then crushing them all!

The set was made from chunks of wood and all filmed on the edge of Rob’s desk.

The Mighty Boosh threw us for a loop by double-booking themselves on that night, so we hastily reshot what was quite an involved end scene of them being trapped between encroaching walls.

We had to film it twice, due to the aformentioned laptop fire.

Check it out!

We also shot a couple of other promotional shorts.


More JibJab Sendables

JibJab got back to us with a bunch of new commissions. They were after stuff for a variety of occasions, which was nice, as it gave us the opportunity to mix things up a little.

Mondays Suck

A personal favourite. Also marks the beginning of Rob’s short calypso phase.

Thank you (all the time)

Trying something a bit different; the cat is made from Blu-Tack. It’s lovely to work with, although you may notice the cat getting slightly squatter as the sequence continues and it all settles.

Love you More Than

Huge Post-It-based flickbook. Original (rejected) ending “I love you more than Amy Winehouse loves drugs.”

Thank God It’s Friday

Emo Diary. BTW: Diaries are ludicrously expensive.

My Master Fancies You

Love the little robot.

Hurty Blister

Main character is based on a bloke I used to work with. Although he was fatter (and not made of paper).

You Rock

Never, ever work with cheese. It’s very sweaty, greasy and unpleasant.

Old People’s Cancer

Age-bashing birthday greeting with a more-than-usually morbid turn.


Extremely cursory generic greeting. It’s meant to be rubbish – that’s the gag.

Halloween Meats



Big bunch of sites

Rob and I recently put together a huge passel of very small websites. Including:

* Things You Should Do When Attacked by Animals
* Monkey on a Post-it Note
* The Septum on My Scrollwheel
* Who’s Taller?
* Fat Animals


e4 Games Diary

I was on artwork duty here. Rob ran a diary on the e4 site, fielding ideas from the creative community and developing a game.

It shaped up to be a ‘warehouse keeper’-style puzzler that allowed anybody to design levels with a wiki. Unfortunately, and possibly ironically, the laptop caught fire and made it all academic. Our cautious diagnosis: plasticine poisoning from various animation projects laid out around it.

Read about it


Unused Pitch

The client didn’t go for this but I think it’s jolly good.

Download it here.


JibJab Sendables

with Rob Manuel
Three songs/animations on the theme of birthdays. Hoedown is my favourite, possibly because I love the sound of my own voice. Rob prefers Forklift.





Mr Pitchy

Spent much of last month animating and doing songs with Rob Manuel. Mister Pitchy is a demented singer-songwriter who pitches unsuitable ideas to various celebrities. We needed a format to hang some peculiar song ideas off.

Fed up with Flash so we decided to do the whole thing with cut-out bits of paper.

Code Code Code

Downbeat sentiment but a lot of fun to make a computer from cardboard. I think we should do the rest of ‘Windows the Musical’ at some point.

Crying (There’s a Hole in My Cock That Lets the Tears Out)

Sensitive ode to the way men deal with emotional breakdowns.


Evil little song. Also, evil little plug wouldn’t stand upright in any shots.

I Wish My Wife Was a Horse

Poor old Prince Charles…