Nov 9 2012

if: shy

Everybody’s Tolkien at me…

Aug 1 2012

if: lonely

I’m thinking of doing a range of greetings cards. This one, obviously, would be ‘best of luck in your new job’.

Feb 5 2012

Valentine cards!

Huzzah – now we make Valentine cards! Check out these bad boys at the Love Illustrated Etsy shop. This one’s named after a song lyric that’s regrettably become a catchphrase with me & Sian…

you are beautiful... to me

Nov 10 2011

Nearly useful cards

Thinking of going into the greetings card industry. This one’s for Valentine’s. More to come.

Okay, I confess I put this up so I could ‘schedule’ a blog post for the future. It made me feel very busy and important.

beautiful... to me