Apr 4 2013

Planet of the Apes wedding invitation

Take your stinking paws off her, you damn, dirty ape!
A Planet of the Apes-themed wedding invitation. I look forward to monopolising Google Images search results with this, in the same way I’ve sewn up “Bj√∂rk eating puffins”.

Perhaps I should try illustrating Googlewhacks, now that everybody’s forgotten what those are…

Feb 5 2012

Valentine cards!

Huzzah – now we make Valentine cards! Check out these bad boys at the Love Illustrated Etsy shop. This one’s named after a song lyric that’s regrettably become a catchphrase with me & Sian…

you are beautiful... to me

Jan 20 2012

if: prepare

Can’t enter Illustration Friday this week. Much too busy preparing for the Alternative Wedding Fair, for our stationery design sideline Love Illustrated!

goth wedding

Dec 2 2011

Christmas cards

It would be remiss of me not to mention that these here Christmas cards – ones that I drew – can now be bought from Etsy with real money, caressed with real hands, and dispatched to addresses real or imagined, at your discretion.

humbug moo

Nov 10 2011

Nearly useful cards

Thinking of going into the greetings card industry. This one’s for Valentine’s. More to come.

Okay, I confess I put this up so I could ‘schedule’ a blog post for the future. It made me feel very busy and important.

beautiful... to me